PCI (Park City Independent) is a

public online high school in Arizona, USA.

Students can obtain an

American High School Graduation Diploma

by completing the

Edgenuity high school course (G9~G12).

Asian students can obtain a dual diploma, 

one from the local school and the other from PCI.

This will widen the range of options

for further studies

What is PCI?

Park City Indepent is

a fully accredited online high school

open to student in the U.S

and aroung the world.

PCI Credit System

The total credit required for graduation is 24.

A minimum of 6 credits (grade 12)

must be completed in PCI.

Credits from other schools

can be converted into PCI credits

after PCI evaluated the students' transcripts

from their current or previous school.

PCI Subjects

PCI provides various subjects,

including major subjects and electives.

Students can choos the subjects

they want for further studies.

PCI Graduation Diploma

Contact APINEXT now,

give your students chances to obtain

an American high school diploma

at their home country.