SP (Speaking Prescription)

SP is A.I. based speaking and writing feedback program online that is patented.

SP diagnoses students' strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, the purpose of SP is to evaluate students' English speaking levels.

SP allows instructors to highlight the improvement of students and what they need to improve.

Instructors also use the narrative reports as a guide to cater students' needs.

Also we provide your company's own 'student Management Website'

with your company's name and logo.

What is SP?

We provide a patented A.I speaking and 

writing feedback and correction program online


The process of SP from test to solution

10 Criteria

SP includes the analysis based on the 10 objective criteria,

including Pronunciation, Stress, Accent, Vocabulary, Grammatical Errors,

Misunderstanding, Fluency, Coherency, Accuracy, and Good Expression.

Synergy With Apitree

The efficiency of the development program SP
maximized with Apitree's customized 1:1 coaching.